Day Trip – Sunday, April 28th, 2019

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Featured YouTube Channels And Videos

Rather than creating a ton of blog posts for individual videos and channels on YouTube that I like and recommend viewing, I decided to create a simple list that you the viewer can explore. These channels and videos will focus mainly on nature, outdoors, travel and exploration. This list will be updated periodically as I discover new favorite channels and videos on YouTube.

Featured Channels:

Jim Gates – On YouTube since Oct 17, 2011. This channel features a lot of great drone video footage of dam, river, and lake areas in Georgia.

worldfromaboveHD – On YouTube since Oct 16, 2012 with over 10 million views. See beautiful locations filmed from above.

Featured Videos:

West Point Dam, Lake & West Point Georgia – Aerial – Phantom 2 – Published on Oct 27, 2014 by Jim Gates, this excellent drone video shows West Point Lake Dam, which makes West Point Lake and provides all of the park locations around the lake that I like to do my outdoor photography.

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Relax At West Point Lake – Video #1

Here it is, the first video I’ve produced. It’s a compilation of 4 video clips I filmed with my Galaxy S8+ on Monday, May 6th, 2019 on West Point Lake at Long Cane Park in Troup County, Georgia. I have in the past tried to get into filming and editing/producing outdoor videos, but never really spent much time at it. In 2019 I hope to explore filming more and bring more of these videos to the internet for your viewing enjoyment. This video is intended to give you a chance to zone out and enjoy a view of nature at one of my favorite locations where I love to do my outdoor photography.

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