Relax At West Point Lake – Video #1

Here it is, the first video I’ve produced. It’s a compilation of 4 video clips I filmed with my Galaxy S8+ on Monday, May 6th, 2019 on West Point Lake at Long Cane Park in Troup County, Georgia. I have in the past tried to get into filming and editing/producing outdoor videos, but never really spent much time at it. In 2019 I hope to explore filming more and bring more of these videos to the internet for your viewing enjoyment. This video is intended to give you a chance to zone out and enjoy a view of nature at one of my favorite locations where I love to do my outdoor photography.

MUDPIX MAGAZINE has started posting it’s first preview issues. You can find them on the blog here. Please follow this site for more photos and content coming. I’ve got thousands of photos to show you.
A new Guide page is available here, and it will give you full information on the content you can find on this website. It’s a very handy page if you are new visitor who is unfamiliar with this site’s content.
In the Lists category on the blog, I have created my first list, Favorite Photographers On Unsplash. I plan on creating a similar list for photographers and favorite accounts on Instagram as well soon.
Are you into trance and edm style music? Check out my music blog. It’s called Trance Jupiter and you can find it here.
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