Candida Stevens Gallery – Jeremy Gardiner – Geology of Landscape

Published to Issuu by Candida Stevens Gallery on Jun 8, 2018

Collected by me on Saturday, September 21st, 2019.

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Description From The Publisher Candida Stevens Gallery: It has been eight years since Jeremy’s solo presentation of work, ‘A Panoramic View’ at Pallant House Gallery. While he embarks on a study of the Sussex coast for the first time it seems timely to welcome him back to Chichester and have the opportunity to share his journey so far. In this exhibition we get to witness the development of Gardiner’s personal language in both prints and paintings made over twenty years, featuring places of great personal importance to Gardiner, including Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. Gardiner says “My work reflects a deep and long-term interest with the geology of landscape and how it is shaped by the forces of nature and by unfolding the landscape through my painting I am inviting the viewer to reflect on their own transient relationship with the physical world.”

Candida Stevens Gallery
Chichester, United Kingdom

CANDIDA STEVENS GALLERY is a contemporary fine art gallery and consultancy based in Chichester specialising in Contemporary British Art. Working with Royal Academicians and emerging artists alike, Candida Stevens Gallery brings the best of Modern and Contemporary British Art to West Sussex.

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