DNCE – Cake By The Ocean (Fabricio SAN Remix) On Soundcloud

Kicking off a new category on the blog with this post: Jams On Soundcloud.

Periodically I will share some cool music I’ve found for those of you following to check out.

Listen to DNCE – Cake By The Ocean (Fabricio SAN Remix) by Fabricio SAN [3rd] on #SoundCloud

Link in case the Soundcloud player doesn’t appear above.

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New Instagram Account For MUDPIX MAGAZINE

A new official Instagram account for MUDPIX MAGAZINE featuring on the go photography by David Thrift has been established at @mudpixmag today on Sunday, October 6th, 2019.

Follow photographer David Thrift on Instagram as he shows you his cloud gazing sights, and the scenery around the lakes in Southeast Alabama and Southwest Georgia.

Incredible IG – Featured Photo #2

Small World By @beholdingeye

Source: here, and here (original).

It’s not often that a photo coming across my Instagam feed stops me in my tracks, makes me drop everything I was doing, and run over to my laptop so that I can share it to Incredible IG. This one of New York by @beholdingeye, posted by @nycityworld grabbed my attention and I think it’s a really awesome photo that shows not just how big we are in this universe, but also how really tiny we are.

When I look at this photo, I wonder how many miles of city blocks are captured in it, how many boats racing across the water were captured at once, and just how detailed the photo is from being taken from it’s height of view. So much life captured in this photo all at once and I think it’s an incredible shot.

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