Photo Of The Day #16 Monday, November 18th, 2019

Digging into some of my old files and going back to 2013 to a photo shot with my then current camera, the Samsung SGH-T889, otherwise known as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This is a scenery shot of the Lower Glass Recreation area on West Point Lake in Troup County, Georgia. It was shot on Thursday, October 11th, 2013.

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The Latest Website Updates At MUDPIX MAGAZINE On Sunday, November 17th, 2019.

2019-11-17-SU @ 9:40 PM CST – 30 pages have been added to MUDPIX MAGAZINE Issue #1. It’s not as much progress as I’d hoped to make tonight, but is more than was done previously. It’s going to be a huge issue when finished. It’s already up to 190+ pages.

2019-11-17-SU @ 2:15 PM CST – This afternoon I’ve come to a realization that maybe one of the reasons the first issue of my MUDPIX MAGAZINE isn’t finished yet is because I’ve been spending too much time trying to feature other creator’s content on this website. It’s something I can’t help doing. I love to share interesting things that I see on the internet. I’m going to have to change my routine a little if I ever want to get this magazine up on site and available for sale. So starting today and throughout this next week, I’m going to focus my time on finishing the magazine. Once it’s finished (and I’ve been thinking about this for at least the past hour today), I’ll be rearranging the top navigation menu links again to focus on just the most essential links relavant to and it’s own content. All other pages that reference off-site content will be moved so that they are only accessable from the Sitemap link, or perhaps I’ll create some sort of directory page to put links to those pages on that will be accessable in the menu. Most of the links I plan on removing from the top navigation area of the website are “under construction” right now anyway and probably shouldn’t have been placed in the navigation menu to start with (I was just enjoying watching this website grow).

2019-11-17-SU @ 11:25 AM CST – A new Art Mosaic Therapy blog category is up, along with a new Mosaic Therapy index page. These locations on site are where you can check out my studies in random mosaic grid layouts. Check those links for more info. Today if I do anything website related, it will be to work on finishing MUDPIX MAGAZINE, the first official issue (mostly anyway – at least that’s my plan). I have made a note to add a page featuring some photographers on who’s work I enjoy, and I even have the notes needed to build the page with a few photographers listed, however adding that page to the site is not a high priority for me today (at least I don’t think it is). I just wanted to mention it because it’s potential new content coming, and if you’ve been following my website any length of time then you know how I like to make content lists.

You can see all of the latest updates this month in November 2019 on the Updates page.

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Photo Of The Day #15 Sunday, November 17th, 2019

This photo was taken on August 31st, 2019 during the weekend before Labor Day. It is just 1 of 516 photos taken on that day. Camera used is a Canon SX410. It is a view of Goat Rock Dam on Lake Harding in Alabama.

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Mosaic Therapy – Grid #000001

Welcome to the first post in my new Mosaic Therapy photo series.

The tiles you see in the photo above are some handmade tiles that I made sometime around the year 2015, or prior (time period not known exactly). They are made with polymer clay. The reason I made them was for study in randomness. In other words, the result of random colors laid out in a grid from randomly choosing the tiles out of a bowl without looking to see what color would be chosen in each spot of the grid. It’s a completely random process that is a little medititative and therapeutic for the mind… a relaxing way to unwind and clear the mind (at least for me anyway).

I’ve always thought that the act of organized randomness could produce some nice art, and I think this process of laying out a mosaic grid with random color tiles is a great way to prove that. What I mean by organized randomness in this process is that first of all I had to choose a color to make each tile when I mixed colors of clay to make the tiles in the first place, and then those tiles were put into a collection to choose from in order to lay out a mosaic grid. I never know however what color tile will be chosen (unless I were eyeballing the bowl and specifically choosing the next tile from sight – which I don’t do – and which would defeat the purpose of these mosaic grid studies), and I never know how the grid is going to look until it is finished, therefore producing a completely random work of art when I photograph each grid.

When I made the tiles, I only got around to making enough that I can currently work a 7 X 7 square grid with. In the near future I hope to find my tile cutter tool (it’s currently packed up from my last move), and create some more tiles in new exciting colors and move up to a larger grid.

So photos like the one you see in this blog post are what you can expect to see in this Mosaic Therapy photo series. They will be randomly laid out mosaic grids using my handmade tiles, and no two grids will be the same. The tiles will always be laid out in a similar, but different, and random location in the grid.

Follow this site if you want to see each mosaic grid as I post them. Thanks for looking!

Important Site News, Updates, and Info:

See below for important announcements.

Zine Previews

Whenever there are free downloads of MUDPIX MAGAZINE demo issues, or other publications produced by, you can always find them on the blog here. A new “Zines” page is in the works to provide a top menu link on this website where you can easily find all available free downloads as well as official MUDPIX MAGAZINE premium issues as they become available.

Mudpix Magazine Demo 1 Now Available

MUDPIX MAGAZINE – DEMO 1 has been released and it is now available for downloading. This issue is 290 pages and is 71.7MB in file size. This demo issue features photography by David Thrift that was shot on Lake Harding, and West Point Lake during the weekend before Labor Day 2019. Use the following links below to download or preview this magazine: DOWNLOAD or Preview On Issuu If You Would Like Before Downloading.

MUDPIX MAGAZINE Issue 1 Is In The Works

Work is under way to complete the first official issue of MUDPIX MAGAZINE. Keep checking this website for progress updates.

This Website Is Growing!

This month in November 2019, a lot of work is going on to expand content for you to enjoy. While I’m certainly focused on completing the first issue of MUDPIX MAGAZINE and getting it available for sale, I’m also adding lots of new pages to the website. Some of the pages are relevant only to this website’s content specifically, and other pages are basically link lists providing access to some of my favorite articles from favorite websites I like to explore personally. In this process of adding new pages, I’ve also been working on cleaning up (moving) some miscellaneous content around the website to make it easier when browsing on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Head over to the Updates page to see what all the new pages are that have been added recently. Keep your eyes peeled throughout the next few months. There’s bound to be tons of pages added for you to check out.

Photo Of The Day #14 Saturday, November 16th, 2019

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Photo Of The Day #13 Friday, November 15th, 2019

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Weather 2019-11-14-TH

Starting a new category on the blog this morning – Weather 2019, where I’ll post weather snapshots of my local weather. The photo above shows a cloud covered sky on I-85 in Auburn, AL and early morning temps are in the 30’s.

Photo Of The Day #12 Thursday, November 14th, 2019

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The Latest Website Updates At MUDPIX MAGAZINE On Wednesday, November 13th, 2019

2019-11-13-WE @ 9:05 PM CST – A new Lists page has been added to this website. It’s an automatically updated page which will provide you a list of lists I have created on the blog. These lists were already available through the Lists category link on site, however this page will make it easy for you to read the lists without having to scroll so much on the blog to find them.

2019-11-13-WE @ 8:51 PM CST – A new Credits page has been added to this website. It is where credits and thank yous will be given to people that help make MUDPIX MAGAZINE possible.

2019-11-13-WE @ 6:59 PM CST – I’ve been adding some more pages to make featured article lists on for some of my favorite websites. Those pages are Longreads, and Open Culture. These are both websites that I’ve known about for quite some time but haven’t really had a lot of time to dive into and explore. Hopefully putting these pages up on my website here will get me motivated to explore them and link to some great content for you the viewers to explore. There is a new POTD (Photo Of The Day) page which will automatically index and link to each Photo Of The Day post. So you can use that page to catch up on those posts if you miss any. I’ve added a new Weather page, and a new Listening page. These are pages I’ve set up where I can keep a weather journal about my local weather, and list what music I’m listening to daily. Those two pages were mainly put up for my interest because I thought they would be fun to update when I’m on the go since they are easily updated from my phone and the info may be fun or useful to look back on in the future, but if you like viewing them then I’m glad if you like the content. I have more pages coming.

Catch up on all of the latest updates at by clicking the “Updates” link in the top menu.

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Photo Of The Day #11 Wednesday, November 13th, 2019

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