MUDPIX.COM will soon release the first issue of it’s MUDPIX MAGAZINE, the free photography journal by Alabama photographer, David Thrift. Follow this site for updates.

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Be You. Be different. Embrace acceptance of others. Because if we were all the same, this would be a pretty boring world!

One of the greatest gifts I feel I could give to society is my love of photography. I am not a professional photographer, and probably never will be. I once thought I would sell my photography (in 2017), but it turns out that my heart really wasn’t into putting forth the effort it takes to become a “professional”. I really just love to “point and shoot” and capture moments that will never happen again. I don’t get to travel like a lot of people do, and to be honest, with the world as crazy as it is, I can’t honestly say I want to travel much. One thing is certain though, I do love taking “day trips” to the lakes nearby (Lake Harding in Alabama, and West Point Lake in Alabama & Georgia). I also love taking nature photos while I’m out there.

MUDPIX Magazine came about from two of my interests. My love of photography, and I always wanted for years to publish my own magazine, or “zine” as it is referred to when someone makes a homemade magazine. In my case a digital pdf magazine. I’ve got hundreds/thousands of photos I’ve taken that are just taking up space on my hard drives and/or USB drives that are not being enjoyed by anyone, and my photography collection increases weekly each time I take my camera with me. I decided to change things, and start publishing these photos in a magazine that people could download and enjoy viewing. These are look books, and time shared with viewers of the scenery I see when I’m out enjoying nature, watching the clouds roll by, and “people watching” in my free time. I admit that my outdoor photography is repetitive from visiting the same parks around the lakes time after time for years (since around 2002), however since no two days are ever the same, I think there is something different to be found in each set of photos I’ve taken. These magazines I’m producing are a journal of my photography.

MUDPIX is a term I use to refer to my love of outdoor photography because when I’m out around the water it’s not unusual that I may have to walk through some mud to reach a spot where I want to work with my camera.

I hope that you enjoy these free magazines and my photography.

NOTE: My photography is watermarked and I do blur peoples faces in my photos.