MUDPIX MAGAZINE is outdoor photography by David Thrift, a photographer and digital photo artist residing in East Alabama.

MUDPIX.COM is the landing spot on the internet where you can enjoy David’s photography and artwork, and purchase his original photography in the form of self published digital (pdf) magazines designed for viewing on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. These magazines are offered on site as free downloads for previewing. The preview issues contain watermarks. Premium issues are in planning for sale on Gumroad in the near future.

David’s photography is very informal and he’s always looking for surprising photo opportunities. His primary locations for camera work in the outdoors include the backwaters of West Point Lake which covers land across East Alabama in Chambers County, and West Georgia in Troup County, Lake Harding in Lee County Alabama, and Lake Martin in Tallapoosa County Alabama.

All photographs and photographic material on this website (unless otherwise noted) is the intellectual property of David Thrift, including his self published magazine, called MUDPIX MAGAZINE.

David enjoys photographing not only nature shots, but also people as an observer, and sometimes traffic, and although he has been asked occasionally to photograph weddings, and family portraits, he prefers simply connecting with nature and bringing the outdoor scenery he enjoys to the indoors for people to enjoy in the comfort of their homes through his candid and informal photography. His MUDPIX MAGAZINE is a journal of his photographic adventures.