This page is provided for you which lists all of the available premium and free issues of MUDPIX MAGAZINE including Demo issues and other titles published by mudpix.com and content creator, David Thrift. All premium issues are available to purchase via mudpix.com’s Gumroad storefront. You’ll find links to each issue for sale in the listings below. All free issues are available for download directly on this site and are linked to below for downloading.


The outdoor photography magazine by David Thrift, featuring photography around Lake Harding, Lake Martin, and West Point Lake in Alabama and Georgia.



It’s the issue that starts the entire MUDPIX MAGAZINE photo ebook series featuring over 750 photos by David Thrift taken around Lake Harding, and West Point Lake in Alabama and Georgia. It contains photos of scenery, wildlife, and candid shots of boaters and fishermen seen. This first issue picks up in 2016 when David bought his first long zoom bridge camera (a Canon SX410) and started capturing photos of everything in site. There is no other photo ebook series like this. Start your collection of MUDPIX MAGAZINE with this first issue. It is 792 pages long and makes a great coffee table style ebook to browse through on a tablet and is perfect for nature lovers who love life on the lake. Buy It Here.


It’s on it’s way.