Welcome to MUDPIX MAGAZINE’s Tour Guide page. This page will give you all the navigation information you need to get around on this website and tell you what content you can find here.’s primary reason for existence is to serve as the landing spot on the internet where you can purchase self published digital (pdf) photography magazines dedicated to photographer David Thrift’s candid nature, lifestyle, and people photography. Each magazine is loaded with lots of photos taken by David for you to thumb through on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can download free preview issues from this site also. It’s like “try before you buy”.

This website also serves as a personal blog for the photographer where he posts recent photos from his day trips around the lakes in Alabama and Georgia, plus lots of other content that may interest you.

Use the links below to get around to the described content associated with them.

The Blog Categories

The blog at MUDPIX.COM is the heart of this site’s content structure. All content is separated by categories. Here is a list of the categories and what you will find in them.

Around The Web – This wouldn’t be a magazine website if there wasn’t a section dedicated to bringing you links to interesting articles. That’s what this section is for. I try to post a new Around The Web issue at least once a week, or more if time permits.

Cloud Gazing – In this category you will find occasional postings of cloud photos I’ve taken. These are usually of clouds over my front or back yard, but may be from other locations. Cloud gazing is a favorite activity of mine, as well as photographing some of the clouds I see.

Color Palettes – I love color palettes, and I love creating them. From Technopedia, a color palette, in the digital world, refers to the full range of colors that can be displayed on a device screen or other interface, or in some cases, a collection of colors and tools for use in paint and illustration programs. Color palettes are great inspiration for creating digital artworks, website color schemes, or even home decorating color schemes. The color palettes I create feature photos from great photographers on Unsplash. Some may feature my own photography as well. From those photos I select the most interesting colors and give you the hex color code and the RGB numbers for each color. Each color palette will feature on average 5 to 12 colors. Permission is given for you to download my color palettes for your personal use. You may also share these color palettes to your own website, blog, and social media so long as the credits written on them are not changed or obstructed.

Day Trips – See my most recent photography in highlights from my day trips.

Digital Art Celebrities – Digital art renderings depicting some of my favorite celebrities, or celebrities in general. These will be singers, actors, or anyone who has a high public status in entertainment. The art images in this category are made for fun only and to entertain myself mostly. They are posted here for your viewing pleasure as well.

Free Zine Previews – Here you will find all preview issues of MUDPIX MAGAZINE. You can download preview magazines directly from this site. These are “try before you buy” sample issues. From them you can view samples of the photography included in each issue. If you want to purchase the premium full issue, they will be made available for purchase on Gumroad.

I Like Patches – Some time ago I started a patch collection. This category holds photos of some patches I saw on ebay that I think are cool and have purchased or considered purchasing for my collection.

Incredible IG – I love instagram! Not only is instagram a great place to showcase my photography, but also the most interesting way to discover other people and their photography. In this category I post some of my favorite photos seen on instagram. All photos are credited with the rightful owner when possible. I do not claim ownership of any photo posted in this category. If you find one of your photos posted and would rather it not be displayed on this website, please contact me for removal.

Instagram Archive – An archive of photos I’ve posted on Instagram. I wanted to have these photos on my website for recycle use in blog posts to keep them alive with viewer interests and also because I frequently delete some photos off of my Instagram page.

Lists – I’m an obsessive compulsive list maker. It’s slightly sad how addicted to making lists that I am, but it’s not totally a bad thing I don’t think. In this category I share lists of things that I find interesting or that you may find resourceful.

MUDPIX Photo Previews – In this category I post previews of some photography you will see in upcoming issues of MUDPIX MAGAZINE. It’s a way for you to see some of my older photography which forms the basis of the magazine. I try to update this category regularly, however your best option currently is to check out my Day Trips category to get an idea of what my MUDPIX MAGAZINE photography is like.

Selfie Art – This category features some of my selfies turned into digital art by use of art filters. These are created via online art filters from various websites, or in art filter apps. These are created for fun because I love to see how the filters alter the images.