Incredible IG – Featured Photo #6

Have I said how much I love betta fish? Like and follow this blog post if you would like to see more beautiful betta fish featured in Incredible IG.

Incredible IG – Featured Photo #5

Seeing a lot of nice female model photography coming across my feed on instagram lately. Expect to see more photos like this featured. Be sure to check out the photo credit. If viewing in the WordPress Reader or email sent from blog post notifications, you may need to click over to the post page to see the photo as it is embedded from Instagram.

Incredible IG – Featured Photo #4

Incredible IG – Featured Photo #3

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Rule #18: Limber up⁣ ⁣ Be prepared. Nothing will slow you down like a pulled muscle. Tell that to the limber pine living on the edge at Utah’s Bryce Canyon. Is it moving? The Limber pine (Pinus flexilis) is a very durable tree and grows near timberline, from 5,000 to 12,000 feet. This pine has a short, thick trunk with an irregular crown and can develop a stunted, zombie-like, twisted form, very low to the ground. The Limber Pine's branches are so limber that they can be bent double without breaking, a distinct advantage in withstanding severe winds and snow loads. Thus concludes today’s lesson on the Limber pine. Rule #32: Enjoy the Little Things – It’ll help you keep your sanity.⁣ ⁣ Image: Limber pine with exposed roots and rainbow in the background. Whew, there’s a lot going on in this photo. But look how pretty?!! NPS/Any Bilbeisi⁣ ⁣ #FindYourPark #nationalparkservice #brycecanyonnationalpark #utah #pine #treesofinstagram #thisweekoninstagram

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Incredible IG – Featured Photo #2

Small World By @beholdingeye

Source: here, and here (original).

It’s not often that a photo coming across my Instagam feed stops me in my tracks, makes me drop everything I was doing, and run over to my laptop so that I can share it to Incredible IG. This one of New York by @beholdingeye, posted by @nycityworld grabbed my attention and I think it’s a really awesome photo that shows not just how big we are in this universe, but also how really tiny we are.

When I look at this photo, I wonder how many miles of city blocks are captured in it, how many boats racing across the water were captured at once, and just how detailed the photo is from being taken from it’s height of view. So much life captured in this photo all at once and I think it’s an incredible shot.

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Incredible IG – Featured Photo #1

Photo credit: divingpassport.


Kicking off a new category on the blog today with “Incredible IG”. It means Incredible Instagram, and this category will feature my favorite photography from instagram.

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