MUDPIX MAGAZINE is a photo ebook project started in 2016 by photographer David Thrift.

In each issue you will find hundreds of outdoor photos taken by David around Lake Harding and West Point Lake in Alabama and Georgia featuring scenery, wildlife, and canded people photography.

There is no other photo ebook project like it.

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UNSPLASHED Ebook 1 With Photography By Drew Dau

Introducing’s first UNSPLASHED ebook. UNSPLASHED is the new photo ebook series by photographer David Thrift, which features photography of the best photographers on who submit some of their work as high quality photos to be used as stock images.

When David isn’t hard at work producing his own photo ebooks with his outdoor photography, he loves browsing unsplash to find interesting photos to admire and appreciate.

With his free UNSPLASHED ebook series, David gives recognition to the best photographers on and hopes to connect viewers to high quality photography through’s free use policies, while providing some beautiful photo ebooks for people to enjoy, and to inspire support for photographers who help make projects happen with their own kindness to support free stock photography.

Download your free copy of UNSPLASHED Book 1 featuring photography by Drew Dau using the link below.


PDF, 55 Pages, 9.30MB

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Get the first issue of MUDPIX MAGAZINE.

It’s the self published photo journal ebook series by outdoor photographer David Thrift.

David’s photography focus is photographing the scenery, wildlife, and outdoor enthusiasts around Lake Harding and West Point Lake in Georgia and Alabama since 2016.

This first issue contains over 750 photos, is 792 pages long, and 162MB in easy to view on all smart devices PDF format. Start your collection of MUDPIX MAGAZINE by David Thrift with Issue #1 today.

Click the BUY NOW button below to purchase this issue at Gumroad.

Issue #2 is coming soon.

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Incredible IG – Featured Photo #4

Get JOYRIDE MAGAZINE While It’s Still Free

It’s here! The first issue of JOYRIDE. It’s the free digital (pdf) magazine featuring my traffic photography. This issue contains 787 full page traffic photos taken on Friday, May 31st, 2019 throughout Opelika, and Auburn Alabama. Also features bonus close up photos highlighting my favorite shots in this joyride. Spend some time with me out on the road through my photography and see what I saw. Due to it’s file size, this issue is only available for an undetermined limited time. Download it now while it’s still available for free. In the near future a purchase option will be the only way to get it. Check back soon for issue #2.

Head over to the official post to download.

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Clouds #2

This photo taken on Monday, June 17th, 2019 at 11:35 a.m. CST. Location: over my back yard.

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