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Welcome to the MUDPIX MAGAZINE BLOGROLL DIRECTORY. A blogroll, which is (in most cases) located in a website’s sidebar, is essentially just a list of links to recommended blogs and websites of interest suggested by a website owner. Rather than being put in a sidebar on this website, this blogroll has been placed on this page for convenience not only to you, but to the site owner, since because there are so many great blogs across the internet, it is expected that this list may become huge over time. The primary focus in this directory is to link primarily to other photography and art related blogs. This directory is continuously updated. Links may be added or removed at any time at this site owner’s discretion based on interest. Dates next to each link indicate what date a link was added into this directory. These listings began on Saturday, October 19th, 2019.

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The site owner of (David Thrift) does not accept requests to be added into this directory. These links are provided in interest as a courtesy, and are sites recommended solely by the owner of this website based on personal interest. If you are interested in advertising your blog or website, and are a U.S. resident, please visit for affordable directory advertising. It’s a great way to gain visibility for your business or personal website.

Things I look for when discovering new blogs and deciding whether or not to add it to this blogroll:

First as I’ve stated I do not accept requests to add blogs into this blogroll directory. This is not a “free-for-all” type page, or operation. Photography and art related blogs get first priority in my decisions to add links here. I especially like linking to nature photography blogs. When viewing a website for the first time, I like to really check it out and see how much effort a site owner has put into building his or her website. It takes more than just an endless stream of blog posts to make a good website. Does the site have an “About” page where I can at least learn who is running the website? Does it have it’s categories, tags, and archive links available (which are kind of important for navigation)? Does it have a blogroll? A blogroll isn’t necessarily a “must have” to make a good website, but having one shows that the owner is making an attempt to be a good influencer in the blogging community by sharing related or favorite sites he or she likes in an easily accessable and organized link list. I love blogroll’s, and they are one of the first things I look for when I discover a new website. Again I do not accept requests to add blogs into this blogroll directory, however if you are a blogger who clicks the like button on any of my posts, or leave comments on my website, there’s a good chance I’m going to check out your blog/website (unless it appears to be spam or of no interest just from the initial title/link presented), and I may like it enough to give it a link. I’m a regular user of the WordPress Reader and am always searching for new blogs to follow and that is one of the main sources of blogs that get entered into this blogroll.

Mudpix Magazine Demo 1 Now Available

MUDPIX MAGAZINE – DEMO 1 has been released and it is now available for downloading. It’s absolutely free and will give you an idea of what to expect in the premium issues. This issue is 290 pages and is 71.7MB in file size. This demo issue features photography by David Thrift that was shot on Lake Harding, and West Point Lake during the weekend before Labor Day 2019. Use the following links below to download or preview this magazine: DOWNLOAD your copy now, or Preview On Issuu If You Would Like Before Downloading.

MUDPIX MAGAZINE Issue #1 Is Available To Purchase For Just $24.00 At Gumroad. Get Your PDF Copy Today.

The first official issue of MUDPIX MAGAZINE has been released and is available for purchase. Head over to the Home page for info on how to purchase your copy on Gumroad, or click here to jump straight over to MUDPIX MAGAZINE’s Gumroad creator’s page for more info and to purchase your digital pdf copy today. It contains over 750 photos shot by David Thrift on Lake Harding and West Point Lake in Alabama and Georgia, is 792 pages and 162MB.