TTG Gallery 028

This is page 28 of The Best Of TAP THAT GUY photo gallery bringing so far 280 great street photography photos from one of the greatest user submitted street photography projects seen on the internet. If you wonder why TAP THAT GUY was so great, refer to the first post in this gallery series.


Regina, Saskatchewan, August 2009


Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, August 2009


Path, NYC, August 2009


West Village, NYC, August 2009


Lifeguard, Marine County, August 2009


Academy Of Art University, August 2009


New Montgomery, San Francisco, California, August 2009


Raleigh, North Carolina, August 2009


Bloor Station, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, August 2009


SOMA, San Francisco, California, August 2009

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A lot of time and effort went into curating and posting this gallery for your viewing pleasure. If you enjoy this gallery, check out my MUDPIX MAGAZINE photo ebook series featuring outdoor scenery and candid street photography (boaters, fishermen, and shore dwellers) around Lake Harding and West Point Lake in Alabama and Georgia. Your purchase and support of my ebooks is much appreciated, and keeps free viewing content such as this and free photo ebooks offered here, created by me, coming to you.

A new user submission street photography project for you:

Want to help start and build a completely new, fun, and incredible street photography gallery featuring your mobile photos of hot guys you see on the street or in public places? Participating is very simple. All you have to do is snap a good quality photo of some hot guy when you’re out and about, and then email the photo to, Subject: Street Photography. Please include a description including, location, city and state. Do not include any names of men you photograph. Your submission will be anonymous. Your photo will be posted into a gallery like this one on this website. Your photo could also possibly be put into a FREE ebook. Your photo could potentially be viewed by hundreds of thousands to millions of viewers. Your info is safe. Since this is anonymous photo submission, I will not collect any email addresses, names, etc., from your email submission.

I am a true fan of street photography and odds are if you are reading this, so are you, and you have a smartphone, and could help make this project something incredible. So start snapping those street photos and send them in. Add that email address above to your contacts to make it easy to send those photos in on the go. I have not thought of a name for this project yet. I’m still working on that. I thought about a knock-off name similar to TAP THAT GUY, such as SNAP THAT GUY, but not sure yet… although I like it. We’ll see.

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