Mosaic Therapy – Grid #000001

Welcome to the first post in my new Mosaic Therapy photo series.

The tiles you see in the photo above are some handmade tiles that I made sometime around the year 2015, or prior (time period not known exactly). They are made with polymer clay. The reason I made them was for study in randomness. In other words, the result of random colors laid out in a grid from randomly choosing the tiles out of a bowl without looking to see what color would be chosen in each spot of the grid. It’s a completely random process that is a little medititative and therapeutic for the mind… a relaxing way to unwind and clear the mind (at least for me anyway).

I’ve always thought that the act of organized randomness could produce some nice art, and I think this process of laying out a mosaic grid with random color tiles is a great way to prove that. What I mean by organized randomness in this process is that first of all I had to choose a color to make each tile when I mixed colors of clay to make the tiles in the first place, and then those tiles were put into a collection to choose from in order to lay out a mosaic grid. I never know however what color tile will be chosen (unless I were eyeballing the bowl and specifically choosing the next tile from sight – which I don’t do – and which would defeat the purpose of these mosaic grid studies), and I never know how the grid is going to look until it is finished, therefore producing a completely random work of art when I photograph each grid.

When I made the tiles, I only got around to making enough that I can currently work a 7 X 7 square grid with. In the near future I hope to find my tile cutter tool (it’s currently packed up from my last move), and create some more tiles in new exciting colors and move up to a larger grid.

So photos like the one you see in this blog post are what you can expect to see in this Mosaic Therapy photo series. They will be randomly laid out mosaic grids using my handmade tiles, and no two grids will be the same. The tiles will always be laid out in a similar, but different, and random location in the grid.

Follow this site if you want to see each mosaic grid as I post them. Thanks for looking!

Mudpix Magazine Demo 1 Now Available

MUDPIX MAGAZINE – DEMO 1 has been released and it is now available for downloading. It’s absolutely free and will give you an idea of what to expect in the premium issues. This issue is 290 pages and is 71.7MB in file size. This demo issue features photography by David Thrift that was shot on Lake Harding, and West Point Lake during the weekend before Labor Day 2019. Use the following links below to download or preview this magazine: DOWNLOAD your copy now, or Preview On Issuu If You Would Like Before Downloading.

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The first official issue of MUDPIX MAGAZINE has been released and is available for purchase. Head over to the Home page for info on how to purchase your copy on Gumroad, or click here to jump straight over to MUDPIX MAGAZINE’s Gumroad creator’s page for more info and to purchase your digital pdf copy today. It contains over 750 photos shot by David Thrift on Lake Harding and West Point Lake in Alabama and Georgia, is 792 pages and 162MB.