Candida Stevens Gallery – Sussex Landscapes – Calum McClure

Published to Issuu by Candida Stevens Gallery on Sep 8, 2019

Collected by me on Saturday, September 21st, 2019.

I love the vivid art in this publication.

You can view this publication in your browser here.

I love gallery and museum publications. I recently discovered some galleries on and have started a new collection. With this post I am also kicking off a new category called “My Zines and Pubs Collection”. It is where I’ll be posting some zines and publications I’ve collected from and other publication sites that I can find.

Description About This Publication From The Publisher Candida Stevens Gallery: Two highly regarded British landscape artists, Jeremy Gardiner and Calum McClure, exhibit their first body of work inspired by Sussex. Gardiner directs his spatially probing and texturally explicit style towards some of the iconic viewpoints of the coastline, including Seven Sisters, Birling Gap, Belle Tout, Beachy Head, Seaford, Cuckmere Haven, and Hastings Castle and Pier. McClure looks inland to the woodlands and the inlets, using his perspective as a Scot to explore those views which seem particularly English. He also looks to engage with the relationship between public and private spaces through his depictions of Iping Common and Petworth House, as well as focusing on the representation of light, shadow and reflection throughout the series.

Candida Stevens Gallery
Chichester, United Kingdom

CANDIDA STEVENS GALLERY is a contemporary fine art gallery and consultancy based in Chichester specialising in Contemporary British Art. Working with Royal Academicians and emerging artists alike, Candida Stevens Gallery brings the best of Modern and Contemporary British Art to West Sussex.

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