The Latest Website Updates At MUDPIX MAGAZINE On Saturday, December 14th, 2019

2019-12-14-SA @ 7:26 PM CST – On the personal side of things at, tonight I want to mention that I recently bought some new games for my Nintendo Switch from the eShop. Those games are Twister Road, Tabletop Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition, Monster Bugs Eat People, and SpaceColors Runner. I may have also already mentioned it, but I recently purchased a game called GRIP also. It’s a cool racing game that I like. All of these games were purchased on sale. If you don’t know already, Nintendo eShop has a ton of sales going all the time on a lot of games. You’re missing out if you’re not checking it out frequently. – – – I wrote it on a note earlier today to mention that I still haven’t found my tile cutter that I need to make more polymer clay tiles for my Mosaic Therapy project. To be honest I have not actually been looking lately since the last time I mentioned it. I’ll blame it on the hectic holiday season… speaking of things I haven’t done lately… I still haven’t done my Christmas shopping this year yet. I’m leaning toward gift cards probably. – – – Tonight I was going to list some of the new accounts I recently followed on Twitter, but then I decided just to give you this link and you can hop over on my Twitter page and see for yourself who I’m following. You might find some cool accounts to follow, and while you’re there go ahead and give my page a follow and then you can keep up with the latest updates here at and MUDPIX MAGAZINE on Twitter. I do eventually want to get around to making an organized list of accounts I follow because as I’ve learned previously, if you are someone who will eventually follow lots of accounts like myself, it can be difficult to keep up with who you’re following since none of the social networks offer a way of grouping accounts you follow by content matter and my OCD kicks in every time I look at my follow list and I can’t remember why some accounts were followed.

2019-12-14-SA @ 5:13 PM CST – Today is a big day for MUDPIX MAGAZINE. This project is now being advertised on it’s first digital billboard in Pelham, AL. This sign location was chosen as the first advertising location for because it’s a huge sign, and it is located next to the entrance to beautiful Oak Mountain State Park which should bring lots of views to the sign, and hopefully more visits to and all of it’s content including MUDPIX MAGAZINE. Today is the state of Alabama’s 200th birthday also, so that makes the launch of this advertising campaign a bit special in the history of MUDPIX MAGAZINE. This also adds a first to this project since there is no other self published photo magazine ebook series project like this of such massive scale (that I’m aware of) that is being advertised on a billboard anywhere in the United States. I’m looking forward to the potential this advertising campaign will bring to MUDPIX MAGAZINE in attracting nature lovers who enjoy photo ebooks to discover this publication. I must mention that the Photo Of The Day series sadly is still postponed. I do hope to revive the series beginning no later than New Year’s Day 2020 or maybe sooner if time permits. I also want to mention that has recently achieved 200 likes on it’s blog posts and pages. A big thank you goes out to everyone checking out the content and leaving your likes behind.

Important Site News, Updates, and Info:

See below for important announcements you need to know about at – MUDPIX MAGAZINE.

Spring 2020 Sale – Get 20% Off!

Spring 2020 Sale currently happening! Get 20% off your purchase of MUDPIX MAGAZINE Issue #1 using discount code “spring2020”. Sale Ends Thursday, March 26th, 2020.

Mudpix Magazine Demo 1 Now Available

MUDPIX MAGAZINE – DEMO 1 has been released and it is now available for downloading. It’s absolutely free and will give you an idea of what to expect in the premium issues. This issue is 290 pages and is 71.7MB in file size. This demo issue features photography by David Thrift that was shot on Lake Harding, and West Point Lake during the weekend before Labor Day 2019. Use the following links below to download or preview this magazine: DOWNLOAD your copy now, or Preview On Issuu If You Would Like Before Downloading.

MUDPIX MAGAZINE Issue #1 Is Available To Purchase For Just $12.00 At Gumroad. Get Your PDF Copy Today.

The first official issue of MUDPIX MAGAZINE has been released and is available for purchase. Head over to the Home page for info on how to purchase your copy on Gumroad, or click here to jump straight over to MUDPIX MAGAZINE’s Gumroad creator’s page for more info and to purchase your digital pdf copy today. It contains over 750 photos shot by David Thrift on Lake Harding and West Point Lake in Alabama and Georgia, is 792 pages and 162MB.

This Website Is Growing!

The month of December 2019 has been a little quieter in terms of site updates being posted. That doesn’t mean that work on the site and the MUDPIX MAGAZINE project has slowed down any. It just means that a lot of things have been getting put together to be brought out in Issue #2 of the magazine and on the website itself. saw much growth in the amount of pages added in November, and during the month of December, more work was put on getting content in order to be edited for the magazine. The Photo Of The Day series has been on hiatus since December 2019 started and may continue to be on hold for at least through January 2020.

Head over to the Updates page to see what all the new pages are that have been added recently. Keep your eyes peeled throughout the next few months. There’s bound to be tons of pages new things added to the site for you to check out.

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