Latest Updates As Of Monday, November 25th, 2019

Here are all of the updates that were posted in November 2019. The next post in this updates archive will be labeled as December 2019 Updates and so on to keep things simple in the future.

2019-11-NOV-25-MO @ 9:03 PM CST – It’s been 8 days since I’ve mentioned any updates on but I’ve been busy for the last week getting caught up on some important things. One of those things has been finally publishing MUDPIX MAGAZINE – Issue #1 and getting it up on the internet for sale. That’s right, the first official issue of MUDPIX MAGAZINE is now available for you to purchase and dive into my photography around Lake Harding and West Point Lake in Alabama and Georgia as it is intended to be enjoyed. Find out how to purchase the magazine on the Home page. Tonight I’m working on some post scheduling to keep the Photo Of The Day series going without missing a beat. Also, my Blogroll Raids page has been updated. In other news also tonight I have made up my mind to dig through my supplies and find my polymer clay cutters so that I can get around to making some more tiles for my Mosaic Therapy project.

2019-11-17-SU @ 9:40 PM CST – 30 pages have been added to MUDPIX MAGAZINE Issue #1. It’s not as much progress as I’d hoped to make tonight, but is more than was done previously. It’s going to be a huge issue when finished. It’s already up to 190+ pages.

2019-11-17-SU @ 2:15 PM CST – This afternoon I’ve come to a realization that maybe one of the reasons the first issue of my MUDPIX MAGAZINE isn’t finished yet is because I’ve been spending too much time trying to feature other creator’s content on this website. It’s something I can’t help doing. I love to share interesting things that I see on the internet. I’m going to have to change my routine a little if I ever want to get this magazine up on site and available for sale. So starting today and throughout this next week, I’m going to focus my time on finishing the magazine. Once it’s finished (and I’ve been thinking about this for at least the past hour today), I’ll be rearranging the top navigation menu links again to focus on just the most essential links relavant to and it’s own content. All other pages that reference off-site content will be moved so that they are only accessable from the Sitemap link, or perhaps I’ll create some sort of directory page to put links to those pages on that will be accessable in the menu. Most of the links I plan on removing from the top navigation area of the website are “under construction” right now anyway and probably shouldn’t have been placed in the navigation menu to start with (I was just enjoying watching this website grow).

2019-11-17-SU @ 11:25 AM CST – A new Art Mosaic Therapy blog category is up, along with a new Mosaic Therapy index page. These locations on site are where you can check out my studies in random mosaic grid layouts. Check those links for more info. Today if I do anything website related, it will be to work on finishing MUDPIX MAGAZINE, the first official issue (mostly anyway – at least that’s my plan).

2019-11-13-WE @ 9:05 PM CST – A new Lists page has been added to this website. It’s an automatically updated page which will provide you a list of lists I have created on the blog. These lists were already available through the Lists category link on site, however this page will make it easy for you to read the lists without having to scroll so much on the blog to find them.

2019-11-13-WE @ 8:51 PM CST – A new Credits page has been added to this website. It is where credits and thank yous will be given to people that help make MUDPIX MAGAZINE possible.

2019-11-13-WE @ 6:59 PM CST – I’ve been adding some more pages to make featured article lists on for some of my favorite websites. Those pages are Longreads, and Open Culture. These are both websites that I’ve known about for quite some time but haven’t really had a lot of time to dive into and explore. Hopefully putting these pages up on my website here will get me motivated to explore them and link to some great content for you the viewers to explore. There is a new POTD (Photo Of The Day) page which will automatically index and link to each Photo Of The Day post. So you can use that page to catch up on those posts if you miss any. I’ve added a new Weather page, and a new Listening page. These are pages I’ve set up where I can keep a weather journal about my local weather, and list what music I’m listening to daily. Those two pages were mainly put up for my interest because I thought they would be fun to update when I’m on the go since they are easily updated from my phone and the info may be fun or useful to look back on in the future, but if you like viewing them then I’m glad if you like the content. I have more pages coming.

2019-11-10-SU @ 8:42 PM CST – The Links page has been updated.

2019-11-10-SU @ 3:40 PM CST – A new Sitemap page has been added to the site. I was planning on adding this at some point anyway because it is an automatically updated list of all pages available here, but today it was added for a specific purpose. Because this website is growing so fast, and because I’ve kind of let go of any fear of creating page after page to be linked to in this websites top navigation menu, I’ve realized that at some point, the navigation section at the top of the website will become a huge link cloud at the top of the website. This may not be a bad thing, but I may at some point decide that I need to remove some less important links from the top navigation area, and having this Sitemap will allow you, the viewers, easy access to all the pages you may enjoy viewing on this site.

2019-11-10-SU @ 2:25 PM CST – A new Blogroll Raids page has been added to the site. It’s a page I built for my own personal use, but if you’re interested to see some good blogs then check the links there. I’m using the blogrolls on the sites listed on this page to discover new blogs to add to my own Blogroll.

2019-11-10-SU @ 1:20 PM CST – A new link has been added to the Blogroll.

2019-11-10-SU @ 12:52 PM CST – A new Disclaimer page has been added to the site. Up until now, the Disclaimer has been showing in a widget in the site layout. I have re-written and expanded the Disclaimer and felt it was time to give it it’s own dedicated page. This has allowed for removing a block of text from the site layout to a place that is more appropriate in the site’s main menu.

2019-11-10-SU @ 12:14 AM CST – A new Ink Pens page has been added to the site. That’s right, a page dedicated to good writing ink pens, because who doesn’t appreciate good writing pens? As of this update, the page has no info on it. It’s currently under construction. In the near future I will be adding some photos with models of my favorite ink pens.

2019-11-10-SU @ 10:50 AM CST – A new Cures For Boredom page has been added to the site. I will update this page periodically with ideas for things you can do to cure your boredom or take a break from your busy life.

2019-11-10-SU @ 9:53 AM CST – A new Quotes page has been added to the site. I’m a quote collector. I will update this page with new favorite quotes as I come across them.

2019-11-10-SU @ 8:35 AM CST – A new Popular Mechanics page has been added to the site. I enjoy reading articles at Popular Mechanics. This page is where I will provide links to some of my favorite articles at Popular Mechanics that you may find interesting.

2019-11-09-SA @ 9:50 PM CST – A new Fonts page has been added to the site. This page will in the future provide links to some of my favorite fonts at plus any other font and typography links I may wish to share.

2019-11-09-SA @ 9:42 PM CST – A new Art page has been added to the site. This page will contain links to anything art related on this website. This would be my own art (as soon as I started putting some up on site), my self art, and art I like that I find on museum and galleries websites.

2019-11-09-SA @ 8:59 PM CST – The Index page has been updated. If you aren’t aware, this page is automatically updated with lists of content on the blog. Not all categories are listed. Only the ones I feel are the most interesting ones. For other category content, choose the category you wish to view from the category menu on site.

2019-11-09-SA @ 6:14 PM CST – My new Wishlist page is up. If you’re feeling generous, check out some items on my Amazon Wishlist that you can purchase for me. It’s a great way to make a donation and get me something I could really use. I’ll be adding a donation link to the site as well soon.

2019-11-09-SA @ 5:27 PM CST – My new Project S.O.A.R. page has beeen added on site. This page will provide upcoming news about a sunset photography ebook project I have in mind to put together. It’s a project I started in 2012. I should’ve finished that ebook a long time ago if I was actually going to ever do it, but it’s still on my mind to do so that project isn’t dead yet.

2019-11-09-SA @ 1:07 PM CST – I’ve moved the Latest Updates onto a dedicated page now. I think I mentioned it a few days ago that I was thinking about doing it. We’ll I’ve decided to give it a try to see if putting the updates on a page, instead of a widget is a better process. You’ll need to click the “Updates” link in the top menu for updates until further notice.

2019-11-09-SA @ 1:07 PM CST – I’ve added a new Galleries page to this website. In the near future this page will provide links to photo gallery pages I’ll build on site. Look for an update there through the coming weeks.

2019-11-09-SA @ 1:07 PM CST – A new EscapeHere page has been added to this website. It’s a link page providing links to some great articles at that you might find interesting. More of these types of pages are going to be added on this website over the coming weeks and months as I work on indexing favorite links on some of my favorite websites. The top menu will be growing large. That won’t be apparent right away if you are browsing mobile, but if browsing on a computer, then you’ll see a bunch of links in the top menu. The idea is to keep easy access to my most interesting content at the top of the website. Things could change in the future however if I decide to move things to the blog instead.

2019-11-05-TU @ 11:40 PM CST – A new Relax page has been added to this website. This page is intended to become a guide to the best nature themed relaxation videos on YouTube.

2019-11-05-TU @ 8:32 PM CST – I’m considering to create a specific page for the latest updates. It’s something I’ve considered for awhile. The only thing holding me back from doing that however is that I like listing the latest updates in a widget so that they can be viewed with each page load, however I’ve been taking into consideration that the latest updates news takes up a considerable amount of space in the widget area when displayed on screens and I’m always concerned about the amount of scrolling people have to do in order to see the most relevant content. Putting these updates on a specific page made for them would definitely clear a lot of space in this website’s layout, but it would mean that people would have to go to that page if they want to see the latest updates each time I write them. We’ll see what I decide soon.

2019-11-05-TU @ 8:29 PM CST – A new LiveCams page has been added to this website. There you will find links to livecams that you might enjoy viewing. As of this update, the page only has one link. As time goes on the page will be updated with links to more livecams.

2019-11-05-TU @ 8:10 PM CST – A new Essentials page has been added to this website. It’s currently under construction, and will soon be updated to provide links to the most relevant content specific to this website only due to how fast this website is growing with outbound links to off site content.

2019-11-05-TU @ 6:26 PM CSTDaily has been updated with a new link. Also I forgot to mention in the last update that I began putting together the first official issue of MUDPIX MAGAZINE last night. I completed 100+ pages. I had planned to work on that project again tonight however I decided that if I do anything related to this website or my magazine tonight, that it will just be adding some new pages to this website or adding updates to existing ones. In other words, I’m kind of in chill mode with productivity tonight… but that isn’t a bad thing. It’s giving me a chance to see things that I need to get up on this website that I hadn’t thought of before. Rest assured however that the first issue of MUDPIX MAGAZINE will be available for sale soon. Tonight I just want to chill and maybe enjoy a little time outside tonight to enjoy the cool fall air for awhile.

2019-11-05-TU @ 5:37 PM CST – A new Daily page has been added to this website. It’s a page created mainly for myself to house links to websites I like to visit on a daily basis (or as time permits). It will highlight the websites I’m digging the most lately. It’s currently “under construction”. I will update it soon with some links that you might find interesting.

2019-11-03-SU @ 6:15 PM CST – Making progress with some more site cleanup this evening. I’ve moved all current Instagram lists I have onto one dedicated page located here. This allowed to remove several list widgets from the footer area of this site which will help decrease scrolling on mobile devices (until I start adding more widgets again evil grin). I will have at least one other IG dedicated page coming soon for hashtags I follow there, and possibly a page for IG Locations I’ve discovered and want to link to. The links in the top menu are growing, but I think I prefer that over endless widgets at the bottom of the website. Also one more thing, I’ve decided not to keep a widget on the website that pulls post content from other websites/blogs. It’s not that I don’t want someone else’s post links showing up here (I mean I do follow other sites to enjoy their content), I just found that right now I don’t have the time needed to schedule sites into rotation for this. Plus there’s the whole keeping visitors focused on my own content from the front page first thing.

2019-11-03-SU @ 4:25 PM CST – A new Links page has been added to the website. Similar to the MMBD (Blogroll), it is where I’ll be placing links to websites I find interesting, and that you may want to explore. It will be updated regularly as I discover new websites.

2019-11-03-SU @ 3:28 PM CST – A lot has been going on lately. First there is the changing of the clock back one hour today, and I woke up around 4 a.m., and have been up working on my website all day. I’ve been working on scheduling new posts for my Photo Of The Day series that started today. You can check out the latest post for that under POTD 2019 on the blog. I will soon be adding a new index page for the Photo Of The Day series also which will have a top menu link to add another way to access those photos. For the rest of this afternoon I will be working on some site cleanup. So some things in the layout are going to get moved to their own pages. This should “shrink” the site down some while keeping the same content.

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Latest Updates As Of Sunday, October 26th, 2019

2019-10-26-SA @ 4:43 PM CST – A new official MUDPIX MAGAZINE account has been set up on and there you will be able to preview all publications that this website uploads there. MUDPIX MAGAZINE DEMO 1 can now be previewed there. Also the issue is now available for free download in pdf format. Just check the home page. I am planning to start a new Photo Of The Day series starting on New Year’s Day in 2020. So hopefully I will get to spend some time making some scheduled posts for that during November and December this year.

2019-10-26-SA @ 3:53 PM CST – EXCITING NEWS!! I’ve finally gotten off my ass and finished MUDPIX MAGAZINE – DEMO 1. I’m in process of uploading it to this website right now. Stay tuned.

2019-10-26-SA @ 11:22 AM CST – Three new pages have been added to the site. There is the Toolbelt page which is where I plan on listing all of the apps and software I use to stay productive and produce content. Next there is the Locations page which is where I’ll provide a listing of all the primary places I like to do my outdoor photography. And last is the Gear page. There I’ll show my current camera plus other electronic gear I use in my digital life. All of these pages are currently under construction, so clicking the links I just provided would only waste your time, so I don’t recommend doing that just yet. I’ll make another update as work progresses on these new website additions. Just letting everyone know about the new content coming.

2019-10-22-TU @ 11:11 PM CST – I’m trying to make more effort at connecting more with the blogging world. I’m searching for more blogs to follow. Some of them will show up in an auto-populated list on this website, and also the latest posts I like in the worpress ecosystem will start appearing on site (as soon as I get around to adding the widget). Just another way I’m working to make this website the beat it can be with interesting content to explore… because sharing is caring right?

2019-10-20-SU @ 11:39 PM CST – Looks like YouTube Movies is stepping up it’s selection of free films to watch (with ads of course). Lots of movie fan favorites to choose from.

2019-10-20-SU @ 6:17 PM CST – Just took a dive through my Google Keep notes. I’ve got a lot of things in there I need/want to dig out and post on this website. In due time of course.

2019-10-20-SU @ 2:37 PM CST – Ok so I went over to YouTube to find a video for a song I heard a few minutes ago (Tones and I – Dance Monkey) on MixCloud from one of DJ Wayne Jones’ mix sets, but got distracted by a video produced by Mister Domestic for a tutorial on how to make Scandinavian Folded Fabric Star Ornaments. Well I haven’t really said it before on this website, but I’ve been a crafter of sorts since around the age of 10. These stars looked interesting. So I may have to try my hand at making a few… since because yesterday I was thinking some new homemade Christmas ornaments would be nice to add to my collection. I was impressed by Mister Domestic’s easy instructions. His YouTube channel is on my radar to become on of my Featured YouTube Channels. By the way here’s the link to the official Tones and I – Dance Monkey video if you’re interested to check it out. It’s a pretty cool song. Just for extra, here is the link to the Tones and I YouTube channel.

2019-10-20-SU @ 2:37 PM CST – A new widget has been added in’s site layout for experimental use (for now – continued use pending outcome of commenters actions). Those familiar with wordpress will know it as the “Recent Comments” widget. It will highlight those who are kind enough to leave feedback about content posted here at MUDPIX MAGAZINE. Yes that’s correct, comments are welcome on posts where commenting is enabled, however be aware that comments are strictly moderated to avoid spam. When you comment, a link to your recent comment will be highlighted in the list along with a link to your blog and your wordpress profile photo. Please note that only the most recent 10 comments will appear in the widget. More may be allowed in the future. You’re welcome.

2019-10-20-SU @ 1:55 PM CST – Just got a notification email from MixCloud that DJ Wayne Jones has a new Trance Podcast ep756 available. If you like trance music, click over and give it a listen. Here’s the tracklist (also located on the MixCloud page – where I got it from): (01.) Milad Ash – Lotus Flower (Original Mix) – (02.) Kim Kiona – Sidewalk (Extended Mix) – (03.) Isoprospect – Let Your Fire Out (Original Mix) – (04.) Chris Farish – Elements (Original Mix) – (05.) Cosmic Gate & Jason Ross – Awaken – (06.) HALIENE – Dream In Color (Ruben De Ronde Remix) – (07.) Oliver Smith – Follow Me – (08.) Huem – Night Drive (Extended Mix) – (09.) Inspireds – Simple Things (Extended Mix) – (10.) Khievo – Inspire (Original Mix) – (11.) Bryn Liedl – Rituals (Extended Mix) – (12.) Paul Arcane & Leo Lauretti – Luna (Extended Mix) – (13.) DJ Buk – Ombient (Original Mix) – (14.) Henry Dark – The Sky (Original Mix) – (15.) Khievo – Waterborne (Extended Mix). – – – NOTE: I don’t always get to mention things like this in my latest updates. I just happened to be at home today and had my laptop on. I’m trying to get better at sharing more content. Bear with me. I hope you enjoy the podcast. I am enjoying it while getting some housework done.

2019-10-20-SU @ 1:30 PM CST – Like free ebooks? Hop over to Kurt Brindley’s website and subscribe to his email newsletter. Once subscribed you will be taken to a page on his website where you will have the option to download his book, LEAVE: And Other Stories Short And Shorter. You’ll have the options for pdf, Amazon Kindle, Nook and other formats.

2019-10-20-SU @ 1:08 PM CST – This morning I woke up and the first thing I discovered on the internet is a new EDM website I haven’t explored yet. So I decided to add a link to it here on the website… then I started searching for other edm music related sites to link to. These are already in my link list, however here’s a quick list of new links added this morning that are related to edm and trance style music (genres that have been growing on me for several years since around 2015 or before): EDM House Network, EDMTunes, LiveSets, Insomniac Events, 1001 Tracklists. I’m sure I’ll be adding lots more links and pages to this website related to edm and trance music over the coming months.

2019-10-19-SA @ 11:05 PM CST – There is a new page on site today. It’s the MMBD (MUDPIX MAGAZINE Blogroll Directory). The page contains links to other photographers websites whos work I enjoy seeing. Check them out.

2019-10-19-SA @ 9:12 PM CST – I noticed a website I was browsing today mention that it has switched all of it’s content that they would have previously posted on their blog to now be going into their website’s newsletter. This idea has sparked an interest in me to do something similar, although I don’t think I could just totally kill my blog. I have too many blogging subject interests to do that. I am thinking however (since I like to create publications) that starting a new downloadable pdf newsletter published maybe monthly or quarterly could be a good idea… or not… considering how long it’s taking me to get this magazine off and running. Stay tuned.

2019-10-19-SA @ 1:25 PM CST – If you’re an Amazon Wish List user, and if you don’t know this already, you are able to move items from one list to another one. All you have to do is create a new list, then go to one of your lists, click the menu options for any item, choose “Move” and then select which list you want to move it to. I’ve been on Amazon since 2008 and just figured that out today…

2019-10-19-SA @ 9:34 AM CST – I just discovered PhotoBlog, a place where photographers can set up a photoblog and show off their photography. It’s a community driven platform. I may want to set up my own spot over there as a separate way to gain followers of my own work. Also with just a short time of exploring the site, I’ve found my first favorite PhotoBlog, Lookagain. I will definitely spend more time in the near future exploring the PhotoBlog website. Here a link to some brief info about PhotoBlog on Crunchbase.

2019-10-19-SA @ 8:24 AM CST – Things done so far this morning: I woke up around 6 AM, dragged my ass into my office and started browsing some blogs on the internet to begin making a new blogroll page I’ve wanted to add to this website for some time… and um… that’s about it. I have some new digital art I’ve created that I want to post today, and I still need to put the finishing touches on MUDPIX MAGAZINE DEMO 1. I’m also thinking about possibly getting around to some website cleanup today. Some lists really need to be moved to their own pages that are beginning to take up too much space in the layout and I need to downsize the layout a little. We’ll see how all that goes since today is Saturday… and you know I kinda like to just be lazy and not do a lot on Saturdays. It is raining today, so today might be the perfect day to get some of this work done. I’m finding it very relaxing in my office this morning with the blinds up so that I can watch it rain while working at my computer.

2019-10-15-TU @ 11:28 PM CST – Quite a few things to mention in this update tonight. First it was raining most all day. Blah fooey! I don’t exactly hate rain, but today I kinda did. I really didn’t like driving home in it this evening. My evening at home consisted of viewing Eyes Of Starry Nights, with a nice grasshopper photo taken by Thomas Peace, and eating some potatos for dinner. I decided to scope out a new blog and found I Lost My Lense Cap, a photography blog by Leyla from Texas. Her blog is full of beautiful flower photos. Make sure you check it out. It’s an instant favorite for me since I love flowers. I discovered a timelapse camera app today called Superlapse that I think I may start using quite often, but I’ve only started experimenting with it today. You can see the first timelapse video I created this evening during my drive home on my instagram page @mudpixmag. My favorite thing about the app is that it saves the original photos to my phone and they are decent enough quality that I can use them for my photography ebooks. I’ll have to stock up on some extra usb drives as I know the photos are going to pile up from using the app. I discovered a new (to me) music blog, The Remix Label. I’ll definitely be checking it out more as time permits. It looks like a great place to snatch some free mp3’s for my collection (as if I don’t already have 7,000,000,000 mp3 files as it is). If you’re wondering how I discovered the site, it was from digging around on The Internet Archive under search query edm. Work continues on MUDPIX MAGAZINE DEMO 1.

2019-10-12-SA @ 4:36 PM CST – Another 20 pages added to MUDPIX MAGAZINE DEMO 1. That’s 80 pages done today. I’ve got about 35 more pages to finish the photos section of the magazine, and then some closing writing to end the issue. After that, I’ll start uploading it on site.

2019-10-12-SA @ 3:25 PM CST – Another 20 pages added to MUDPIX MAGAZINE DEMO 1. That’s 60 pages done today. Don’t have much more to finish.

2019-10-12-SA @ 2:40 PM CST – Another 20 pages added to MUDPIX MAGAZINE DEMO 1. That’s 40 pages done today. Getting closer to the finish.

2019-10-12-SA @ 11:46 AM CST – I’ve discovered a new (to me) music remix blog today ( If you like remixes, I recommend to check it out. I will myself as time permits.

2019-10-12-SA @ 11:46 AM CST – This morning is dragging for me. Actually, my lazy ass is dragging… I just got back from the store with my milk and eggs. So I’m about to have breakfast… may as well say lunch, or something like that. It’s a beautiful day out today. I’m thinking of getting outdoors somewhere. We’ll see how that goes.

2019-10-12-SA @ 9:20 AM CST – Just finished adding 20 more pages to MUDPIX MAGAZINE DEMO 1. Total page count now is 196 with 190 full page photos. Gotta run to the store to get some milk and eggs.

2019-10-12-SA @ 8:58 AM CST – Got up early this morning. Liked the cool air outside, but hating that winter is coming. Anyway I just sat down at my desk, and while my phone is charging am going to work on MUDPIX MAGAZINE DEMO 1 for awhile.

2019-10-10-TH @ 6:16 AM CST – Something came to mind this evening that I’m considering to host here on, a link exchange with other website owners with quality domains who might be interested in driving visitors to each other’s website. It’s in consideration. That’s all I will say about it for now.

2019-10-10-TH @ 12:23 AM CST – Guess who fell asleep at his desk and didn’t get any work done that he had intended? Yes it was me.

2019-10-09-WE @ 8:29 PM CST – A couple of things I forgot to mention so far in the latest updates today: (1.) I dropped my Galaxy S8+ and cracked the screen (for the 2nd time) today. I’m not happy about that. On the bright side, the phone, which is 2 years old now, still works. (2.) I have another list I’m working on which is a list of hashtags I’m following on Instagram. I’m unsure how long that list will take me to finish. I follow a ton of hashtags. (3.) Speaking of Instagram, my old account got a little NSFW, so I went private with it and created a brand new one specifically for this website. A new Instagram photo feed has been added into’s layout, so you can see my latest Instagram posts when you visit. You can also follow me on Instagram @mudpixmag.

2019-10-09-WE @ 8:17 PM CST – In regards to the last update below, I did actually make it into my home office, and to my desk, and powered on my laptop. So my intention at this time tonight is to add about 40 more pages to MUDPIX MAGAZINE DEMO 1, and then look around the internet for website content ideas that other people are doing on their blogs which might help to attract more visitors here to Time to get to work.

2019-10-09-WE @ 7:05 PM CST – Happy hump day! I’m currently working on a new list that I’ll post to the blog soon. It’s a list that is mainly for my own personal use, however if you like free ebooks and publications from the Internet Archive at, then you may enjoy the list I’m making. It’s basically a list of ebooks I’ve seen that may be interesting that I may want to download at a later time after some further looking at. I’m also still working on MUDPIX MAGAZINE DEMO 1. I really should break out my laptop tonight and work on some pages. We’ll see how that goes I guess, but honestly after the busy day I had today, I’m really not in the mood for computer work tonight.

2019-10-05-SA @ 12:22 PM CST – A new update has been added to the Incredible IG section of the blog.

2019-09-23-MO @ 10:46 PM CST – Lot’s of link lists are being added to the website. Some links on Soundcloud, and some links to great pages on instagram. Have a look around and explore. Expect this site to grow huge over the next few weeks as more content is added. Work is still underway on MUDPIX MAGAZINE Demo 1.

2019-09-14-SA @ 9:42 PM CST – A new Around The Web category is up on the blog. It’s a new area of this website where you’ll find roundups of interesting news and articles. Plans are to post a new Around The Web once a week, probably on Saturdays or Sundays (more often if time permits).

2019-09-14-SA @ 1:41 PM CST – A new widget has been added into my website’s layout where I’ll be placing links to some news articles that I’ve read and think you may be interested in checking out. Eventually I will create an archive page for these links.

2019-06-23-SU @ 8:08 PM CST – The Index page has been updated. Also an Updates Archive is now available on the blog where you can check all of the latest and oldest updates and additions to this site.

Latest Updates As Of Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

Since Saturday, May 11th, 2019 I’ve been working hard to get in order to present my photography, digital zines, and blogging interests set up for routine posting and presentation. I’ve been keeping a detailed updates list on the website. This list has outgrown the space I want to take up in the layout, so with this post I’m creating the Latest Updates Archive. This will allow myself, and you the viewer to explore the latest as well as older changes and additions to the website.

2019-06-23-SU @ 4:43 PM CST – Featured YouTube Channels and Videos has been updated with a new Featured Music Channels section. Yes this site is primarily built to promote my photography and digital zines, however extra content can’t hurt right!? A new Instagram Archive is being added to the blog. There is currently one page in the archive as of this update. There are 10 photos on that page. There will be 10 photos per page as the archive grows, and I will be adding to this archive frequently.

2019-06-16-SU @ 8:12 PM CST – My PAYHIP shop has been set up. You can view and purchase digital zines here.

2019-06-16-SU @ 6:46 PM CST – A new option for obtaining JOYRIDE MAGAZINE is coming soon. For those who would like to show support and purchase copies of the digital magazine, you will be soon be able to do so on PAYHIP. The magazine is free, and is a direct download from this site, however each free issue is only available for a limited time. Adding the option to purchase the issues on PAYHIP adds a way for you to purchase back issues once they’ve expired on this site, or you can purchase them as they are issued. Either way, I plan to make each issue available free here on for a limited time period. The first issue is being uploaded to PAYHIP today. I’ll update soon when it is available for purchase.

2019-06-09-SU @ 7:11 PM CST – The new JOYRIDE MAGAZINE has been launched. It’s the free digital (pdf) photo magazine featuring my traffic photography around Alabama and Georgia. Download your copy of the first issue here. Available for a limited time only. Get it now while you can.

2019-05-29-WE @ 8:05 PM CST – If I haven’t mentioned it lately, I recently purchased a bluetooth shutter button which connects to my Samsung Galaxy S8+. I bought it for two reasons. The first reason is because I wanted to be able to mount my phone on my dash and have the ability to focus safely on my driving while also being able to capture traffic photos. The other reason is that Georgia law in my area does not allow holding your phone while driving. This method allows me to comply with the law, and still make some good photos. What has resulted from this for me is a new addiction to my traffic photography because it has enabled me to safely and efficiently capture more photos when I’m out on the road. Today alone I captured 373 photos during my drive from work to go pick up some groceries and then get home. In the past week I have captured 2,922 photos. Many of these photos were taken during my road trips out around the lakes while doing my normal photography out there. What do I plan to do with all these photos you may ask? Well I’m going to put them in free versions of MUDPIX MAGAZINE. I recently started a “Clouds” version of the magazine which was to focus on my addiction to cloud gazing. Well now that I have this new thing I’m doing with my phone mounted to my dash and collecting traffic photos (which also allows me to capture clouds on the horizon along the way when I’m out on the road – 2 birds, 1 stone) I’m considering to make a name change to the free magazine. I may even start an entire new magazine series and leave “MUDPIX MAGAZINE” to it’s original focus, which is my lake photography. I’m going to have to start getting a handle on all these photos I’m taking so that I can keep up with my editing. So tonight I’ve decided to put off photo editing on MUDPIX MAGAZINE #1 so that I can edit my new traffic photos. I will be “batch” editing the traffic photos to save time because there are way too many to do premium edits for like I do for MUDPIX MAGAZINE. Be on the lookout for lots of new free photo ebooks coming soon.

2019-05-18-SA @ 10:55 AM CST – The first issue of “Clouds” is now available for you to download and view. It’s a free ebook focused on cloud gazing, and includes bonus content such as photo previews for future issues of MUDPIX MAGAZINE. The pdf is 170 pages, and 23.1 MB. You can download it here.

2019-05-16-TH @ 10:24 PM CST – I’ve been working on a new free ebook today. I hope to have it finished and available on site before the end of this upcoming weekend.

2019-05-12-SU @ 9:25 PM CST – More of my recent photography has been posted in Day Trip – Saturday, May 11th, 2019.

2019-05-11-SA @ 10:37 AM CST – I have some new recent photography posted in Day Trip – Sunday, April 28th, 2019. Go check out the photos.

2019-05-11-SA @ 9:40 AM CST – My YouTube Channel is coming along now, complete with it’s first video post, a channel art banner, and a new channel icon. I may start using the icon as my official logo all around on my site and all social media, but for now I’m happy with it representing my work on YouTube. Go check out my channel and subscribe.

2019-05-11-SA @ 8:54 AM CST – My latest list, Featured YouTube Channels And Videos has been added to the blog. Currently it features a few new favorite channels and videos I’ve discovered since starting my YouTube Channel. I’ll be updating this list as time goes on and I discover new favorite content to link to.

2019-05-11-SA @ 7:20 AM CST- Now that this site is growing, I think it’s about time that I start maintaining a new updates list so that you can keep up with the latest updates. The latest update on site today is my first video posted to YouTube. It’s called Relax At West Point Lake – Video #1 and was filmed on Monday, May 6th, 2019. In the video you can see one of my favorite locations in Georgia where I love to go do my outdoor photography. I’m planning to film more videos over this summer from various locations. Follow this site to catch my upcoming videos. Also please subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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